Controlling the Recruitment Process: Manage the Experience

Controlling the recruitment process and managing the candidate experience is the third step in our three-part series on positively spotlighting your company brand and culture. Delivering a consistently positive candidate experience builds relationships and talent pipelines in a tight candidate market.

1. Communicate the Process
Make candidates aware of the entire interview process and keep them informed of process advancement, required paperwork, and any pre-employment assessments that will need to be completed prior to the offer stage.

2. Candid Compensation
When following up with candidates, revisit salary ranges and ask if anything has changed on their end so you can avoid unpleasant surprises down the line.

3. Create Relationships
Provide candidates with timely feedback and make sure they are promptly reimbursed for qualified out-of-pocket interview expenses. Remember, runners-up can be pipelined for future hiring needs, so take this opportunity to nurture relationships with these qualified candidates. Invite high-potential candidates to connect with you on LinkedIn.

4. Offer Stage
You’ve managed salary expectations and have a hirable candidate who is within range – time to reel it in! Candidates (especially passive ones) look at the big picture, including benefits plans and premium costs, paid leave and work flexibility, and relocation assistance and cost of living differences. Give candidates all the data they need to make the right decision and ensure a smooth transition into your company.

5. Manage the Transition
Breaking up is hard to do, and more companies are making counter offers than ever before. Engage your new hires, support them through the resignation process, and council them on the pitfalls of counteroffers. World-class onboarding begins at offer acceptance, not on day one.

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