Finding Great Talent

Finding great talent is at the top of every hiring manager’s wish list and we understand the importance of selling your brand’s attractiveness to potential candidates. Identifying, recruiting, engaging, and hiring qualified candidates takes time and dedicated resources many companies may not have. That’s why our clients rely on our expertise and holistic approach toward talent search, acquisition, qualification, and placement.

1. Foundation
We begin each search with an in-depth assessment of your team, hiring needs, company culture, and goals so we can represent your organization authentically and qualify candidates with outstanding fit. Our company knowledge and transparency with candidates builds a foundation of trust and a positive association with your brand.

2. Sourcing
Since each of our Consultants both source and recruit, we develop deep firsthand knowledge of candidate markets in real time, so we can provide insight while identifying targeted talent that aligns with your business needs.

We utilize a variety of platforms to identify talent including social media, curated groups of industry specific passive candidates, competitor cold calling, job boards, colleges and alumni groups, professional associations, and an array of advanced online search techniques, as well as our own extensive database. We cultivate relationships with passive candidates to create flexible talent pipelines, now and for future needs.

3. Recruiting
We partner with both human resources and hiring managers within your organization to coordinate searches with maximum efficiency and avoid disconnects between key stakeholders. In addition to presenting highly qualified, pre-screened candidates, we can support interview scheduling, participate in interview debriefings and regular status calls, and conduct in-depth reference checks.

4. Closing
Our partnership with hiring teams continues through offer extension and negotiation, and we engage candidates throughout the resignation window to support your onboarding process. You select and utilize our capabilities as needed to enhance your internal strengths and processes.

5. Budget Management
Our hourly product is about building long-term relationships and generating multiple hires, not earning one-time commissions. With the common goal of your success in mind, this approach saves time and money, increases engagement for all parties, and creates an agile process that adapts to your changing business needs.