Partnering with Recruiters

If you’re hiring, you know the demand for talent is high and the candidate market is tight. What’s more, LinkedIn data shows a 63% increase in the demand for recruiting professionals since 2016, an upward trend that will continue. This makes working with the right recruiters more important than ever.

Here are five ways our unique approach creates long-term business partnerships, facilitating cost effective support of your organization’s needs today and in the future.

1. Specialists and Generalists
Recruiters who are industry specialists, but discipline generalists possess unique business expertise and industry knowledge. We specialize in the manufacturing and distribution sectors but work across all disciplines to combine deep industry knowledge with curated networks of passive and active talent ranging from entry to C-level. We save clients time and money by identifying and presenting the most qualified applicants.

2. Process Flexibility
Your hiring needs can change as rapidly as business conditions and your recruitment partner must do the same. Our processes are agile, and we adapt right along with you. We partner with Human Resources and departmental hiring managers to address changing needs and market constraints in real time to keep the hiring process on schedule and within budget.

3. Strategic Partnerships
Yes, you have positions to fill today, but what about your long-term hiring plans? We maintain and engage deep networks of passive talent and partner with your leadership across all disciplines, leveraging business acumen and market insight to address both current and future hiring needs.

4. Stewards of Culture
According to Glassdoor, over 76% of candidates want to know if your organization is a good place to work before they even apply. Our goal is to function as an extension of your organization and representatives of your culture, providing candidates with an in-depth understanding of your environment. Ensuring cultural fit promotes long-term placement and reduces turnover.

5. Dedication to Fill
Your success is our success, and our goal is to develop a long-term partnership. That’s why we are committed to creating the best possible match for both your organization and the candidate. We treat candidates like clients and foster relationships that help us identify talent with outstanding technical and cultural fit while managing your hiring costs.