Professional Networking: Marketing Directly to Leads

The job search game has changed and the days of posting a resume online and waiting are gone. Professional networking and direct marketing are the new normal, especially in turbulent economic times, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. LinkedIn is a great place to build your network and apply for jobs, but when it comes to communicating, they charge. A lot.

Charging unemployed job seekers for the privilege of finding work is bananas.

If you have trusted connections at a target company, ask them to share your resume with appropriate hiring managers or HR. Don’t be offended if a connection refuses or does not feel comfortable with a referral. You can still get to key HR personnel and hiring managers on your own. We’ll show you how.

Step 1: Use LinkedIn to find contacts

1. Use LinkedIn’s unified search bar to look up the target company.

2. Filter search results to include all connection degrees, desired locations, etc.

3. What happens when the target contact is not in your network?

Step 2: Use Google to find out-of-network contacts

1. Find out-of-network contacts by searching LinkedIn’s public profiles on Google. Copy the full job title line, including company name, for the out-of-network LinkedIn member you wish to find.

2. Use Google’s site: operator to search for the specified job title and company (put in quotes to designate exact phrase).

3. Google will display public profile results for the specified job title and company.

Step 3: Find contact information

Use Google to search the email domain name of the company (in quotes to designate exact phrase).

Finding email address may take a bit of digging, but it is worth the effort. Once you obtain appropriate contact information, market your resume directly to Human Resources and Talent Management personnel for consideration for upcoming openings. Market your resume to departmental hiring managers for open positions that align closely with your background. Include a brief and value-driven email or cover letter.

Just getting started on LinkedIn? No problem. The search for this example was conducted with a free LinkedIn account that has no connections, and this method will yield results with networks of all sizes. For more networking tips, download the slideshow and PDF of Networking and Job Search with LinkedIn for free.