Ahead of the pack: Three ways to maximize your job search efforts in December

Conventional wisdom tells us that December (especially the holiday season) is the slowest time of year to search for a job, but this is not a conventional job market. The hiring boom continues with companies scrambling to hire talent before the holidays so they can begin immediately in January. December is also a great time of year to reinforce your job search because new budgets go into effect in January, leading to an explosive hiring period. Now is the time to stay ahead of the pack. Here are three ways to maximize your job search efforts in December.

1. Take a beat.
Review your resume, job board profiles (remember, Indeed doesn’t use your resume by default, and your profile probably stinks), and professional networking profiles, and determine where you can make improvements that will help carry you over the finish line.

2. Refresh network connections.
Sure, you’ve tapped into your network already, but December is the perfect opportunity to reach out to your trusted business contacts again, wish them happy holidays, and let them know that you’re still on the market. This keeps you top of mind and gives them a status update without feeling as though you are making another ask. As positions continue to turn over within their organizations, you may find that old contacts can help generate new leads.

3. Finish strong.
Job requisitions explode in mid-January, making February and March two of the strongest hiring months of the year. New budgets may be approved in January, but HR and hiring managers are feeling the pain of those fourth quarter vacancies now, and these will take top priority after the holidays. Candidates apply en masse in January, making competition fierce, but you can get yourself into HR and hiring manager inboxes before the crowd arrives to ensure favorable pipeline positioning when they are ready to move forward. Use December to your advantage and stay a step ahead of your competition. Refresh, reconnect, and recommit to propel your efforts into January.

Happy holidays from all of us here at Vogrinc & Short, Inc. and best wishes for a bright and successful New Year!